Top 21 New YouTube channel Ideas

21 YouTube new channel ideas YouTube is growing very fast everyone wants to create a YouTube channel but they don’t have the YouTube channel ideas.

Today I am going to share with you 21 New YouTube Channel Ideas if you are confused it on which topic you should create a YouTube channel then read this I am sure it will help you.

YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube Channel Ideas
YouTube Channel Ideas

Gaming Channel

Nowadays gaming channel is very popular on youtube if you know how to play game then start gaming channel it people like to see the gaming many people earn a lot of money from gaming channel.

In this, people who are watching your gameplay they give money via super chat and you earn also from AdSense.

In these type of a channel you can play live games and also teach to the people how to complete this or that level, apart from this, you can do reviews of the games so it best topic to create a new youtube channel.

Experimental Channel

I am sure you have watched a lot of experiment videos on youtube these type of videos very fast viral on the youtube and gain the views more and more. People are really very curious about the experiments.

So, create an experimental channel and do some little and interesting experiments soon you will gain more subscribers and views on youtube.

Educational videos

If you have good knowledge of any subject then create a educational channel because it is a digital world and everyone wants to learn something new for this they search on youtube and Google. Nowadays students also learn from internet so you can start a educational channel.

In this you can teach English speaking, General knowledge, Current affair, How to crack any examination it will take some time but soon it will give you the good result.

Pranks Channel

Almost every people watch pranks on youtube if you interested in this then start a prank channel but do something new do not copy to another pranksters and do something creative and make the laugh to your online audience.

Soon you will become very popular if you will do hard work its totally depends on you but remember sometimes pranks gone the wrong haha haha but it is good Youtube channel idea.

Tech Channel

Tech channels have a lot of competition but if you something new and creative then one day also grow your channel. When you buy something new then review it on your channel and tell the specification of the product

In this type of channel earning is very high because here companies give you money to promote their products and AdSense is also one of the best source of earning.

Tutorials channels

It is similar of education channel but here you give tutorials like computer tutorial, blogging tutorial, SEO and programming language etc.

These types of channels you will get high CPC (Cost Per Click) from AdSense so if you have any skill then share it with your online audience and earn money from youtube channel.

Travel and vlogging channel

If you love to travel then create a vlogging channel when you visit any new place record it and upload it on the youtube.

Share your experience with the online audience and also tell that how you can come here what is the cost of tickets and hotels it will helpful for your viewers. In this you can also share your life style many youtubers do this and they are also very popular.

Beauty and fashion Youtube channel Idea

It is also one of the best category for youtube channel if you can give beauty tips then create this type of channel and share the beauty tips with your viewers.

Everyone wants to look smart and they also search it on internet if you can give some tips then it is best for you and also the helpful for people.

Money making and business ideas

If you are an expert in money making and you have lots of business ideas then there is nothing better than this. We all want to earn money and the users search this on youtube how to make money, business ideas etc.

Give the ideas to your viewers how you can earn money online, how you can start the business without investment and some other tips and ideas of business. If you have deep knowledge of this then you can create a channel on this topic.

Create a youtube news channel

Yes, it is a new category but I saw that some of channels upload videos what is happening on youtube. They tell the achievements of new youtubers and they also tell the controversies of youtubers so it is good for you.

Create a YouTube and YouTubers news channel here you will share only youtube news if you are interested in this then you can go for it because it is the new Youtube channel idea

Comedy Vines Channel

If you are a funny person then you should create a funny vines channel create short funny movies and upload it on youtube when people watched your videos and they like it and also they do share your videos it may possible soon your channel grow fast.

Maintenance of vehicle YouTube channel

If you have the passion of new vehicles then create a channel and in this, you will share only tips for vehicles how to modify any car, how to keep it safe etc. We all know that people do a lot of love to their cars so you can give him some suggestion and tips for their vehicles.

Show your talent

If you have any type of art then share it on youtube if you have art of painting then create a painting channel. If you can sing song then create a singing channel and show your talent to everyone it is also best idea for youtube channel and go with your passion.

Home Decor

How to decorate home start a channel on this topic and tell the people how you can decorate home here you will earn money from AdSense and also from this affiliate marketing it is also a new Youtube channel idea

Interviews Channel

It is not easy to persuade anyone for interview but if you can then make it channel on this. First, take the interview of small creator after that start taking the interview of famous and big creators you will grow very soon.


Now everyone wants to eat tasty food if you know how to cook tasty and delicious food then create channel on this and share your food recipe on youtube.

Fitness channel

If you are gym lover and you have also a good body it is best for you to create a fitness channel and here you will share exercises, diets, supplements and also do the workout on the front of the camera and upload it on youtube. That types of channel grow very fast because it is also one of the best idea for YouTube channel.

Relationship Tips YouTube channel

In this channel you can give some tips to impress any boy and girl give some dating tips and the gifts for the couples. You can also share some tips how to come out from break up so this topic is also good.


Many people keep pets in their house but they don’t know how to do care of the pets so if you are a lover of pets then create a channel on this topic and tell the people how to do care of the pets.


If you are expert in farming and live in village it is best topic for you because there is less comption create the channel on this topic and help the farmer share some new technic of farming.

Handcrafts Youtube channel idea

Yes if you have god gifted any talent share this on youtube create some hand craft things and you will not only earn from AdSense but also you can sell your products.


In this article, I told you 21 ideas to create youtube channels but in this last, I will only say you that always follow your passion create youtube channel on which topic, Which you know very well here is no shortcut it will take some time but one day you will succeed in this.

If you like our article YouTube channel Ideas then share this and if you have new YouTube channel ideas then also tell us in the comments.

Updated: February 4, 2019 — 6:52 pm

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