How to reset mi phone full guide step by step

Do you use the Mi mobile and want to reset your mi mobile? I want to tell you it is very easy you can reset your mobile in a few steps.

Sometimes we are facing many problems in our smartphones in this situation we don’t know what to do. That is why I am going to tell you How to reset the Mi phone because when we reset our mobile it changes into their default settings.

Follow steps to reset your mobile

I want to tell you when you reset your mobile your all data will be deleted from your device. If you want to save your data like media, documents etc.

Then you should transfer it another device if you have a computer or laptop you can save your data in this.

How to reset mi mobile


Step 1

First of all, Go to Settings on your mobile after that you will find the option of Additional settings now click on this when you will open this you can see the interface in this image.

Step 3

When you will click on Additional settings you will see the option of Backup & reset now click on this option. After clicking on this option here you can see the option of backups reset and it’s settings.

Step 4

After following the 3rd step you have to go on Factory data reset when you will click on this you will see the 2 options here.

  1. All files on the phone
  2. Format mock SD card

If you will click on All files on the phone then it will delete all your data which is available in your mobile storage. You will click on a 2nd option it will erase all your data which is available in your SD card.

Final Step to reset mobile

In the 4th step, you can choose any one option to format your mobile. You can also see a Reset Phone button in the bottom center. To reset your mi mobile click on this after clicking on this it will ask your lock screen password.

How to reset mi mobile

Here you have to put your password and click on next now it will take 15 to 30 minutes after completing the processing your Mi phone has been successfully reset.

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