How to increase typing speed in computer keyboard

If you want to increase typing speed then you are the right place. Because in this post I will tell you how you can increase your typing speed on computer or laptop.

Sometimes we want to increase our typing speed for various reason for jobs, tests and also to complete our work fast. So don’t worry it will help you to increase your typing speed.

How to increase typing speed

Install typing application

If you are a beginner and you don’t know anything in keyboard then you should have a typing software on your computer. Because here you will find lessons and you can start with the first lesson.

  1. There are not available only lessons but it also tells you the basic rules of typing.
  2. You can play here typing games it will increase your typing speed.
  3. Give typing test in this software.
  4. It also shows your typing speed and mistakes apart from this it also gives you some tips to reduce your mistakes.

Use social media to increase your typing speed

Yes, according to my experience it is the best way to increase your typing speed. Because all of us use social media and loves chat if you do chatting then it is also best for you.

When you are going to chat then do not use mobile you can chat in your PC or laptop because here you type random words but don’t forget the rule of the keyboard. Follow the rule and do chat on your computer it will defiantly increase your typing speed.

Write from newspaper and books

When we use typing software we type very fast but in actual when we type from any other things then we see that our typing speed is very low. The reason is behind this when we type on typing software then we have learned all words because it shows same words every time. So after the learning of basics, you should try to type from newspapers and books.

Use online typing sites

If you have an internet connection then you can use online typing sites it is also free and there you will not see the same words so it also helps to increase typing speed.

Do regular practice

If you want to increase your typing speed fast then do regular practice at least half an hour because we all know practice makes man perfect. You can do practice on typing software, online typing sites, play games etc. It will boost your typing speed.

Some other tips to increase typing speed

  • Type something interesting like any story, essay, poetry etc.
  • Write about yourself because it will give you an interest in typing.
  • Play typing games there are available various type of typing games.
  • If you have learned something then type it in MS-WORD.


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