How To Take Screenshot in Laptop Easy Method

How to take screenshots in the laptop if you don’t know how to do this then don’t worry here are available many ways to take the screenshot in a laptop. In this post, I will share how you can take a screenshot in the laptop.

How to take screenshot in laptop
How to take screenshot in laptop

How to take screenshot using keyboard keys

If you are using window 10 then here is simple way to take screenshot in your laptop here you need to only press the two buttons in your keyboard and your screenshot in ready.

Press the button in Keyboard to take screenshot in laptop > Windows + Prt sc

Screenshot location

This screenshot you will find in your photos drive in this here you can see the folder of Screenshots there are available your all screenshots now use this easily.

Use Snipping Tool To Take Screenshot

Snipping tool is another best option to take screenshot in your computer and laptop it is available in your computer by default. To do this go in the search box and search the snipping tool.

Now, snipping tool is available you can select the mode there is 4 types of mode rectangular, full screen snip etc you can choose anyone according to your need.

After that click on new and select the area to take screenshot it will take the screenshot and now you can save it anywhere.

Take screenshot as a clipboard

It is also a simple way of taking screenshot in your computer or laptop to do this go on the  location where you want to take screenshot and press the button [prt sc] Print screen  it will copy your whole screen now use this as a screenshot.

Go in any editor you can alos use Ms-word or Paint now press the button ctrl+v you can also simple paste it.

After that do the basic setting and save it as a jpg and any others image extensions.


These are the simple ways of taking screenshot in your laptop or computer if you like this then share with others.

If you know some other ways of taking screenshot then you can share with me in comments it will be also helpful for other peoples.

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