How to save Whatsapp status in Gallery

How to save WhatsApp status in the gallery, Sometimes we saw any status on our mobile and we like that after watching status. We want to save this status in our gallery but in the WhatsApp, they don’t give the option to save the status.

But do you know? You can save any type of status in your gallery easily to save your Whatsapp status you can read this article till the end.

How to save whatsapp status
How to save Whatsapp Status in Gallery

So in this article, I am going to tell you how you can save any status from your WhatsApp without any third party application. Yeah, it is very easy you can save any status in your Gallery and also send it to anyone.

Follow all step which is written below

First step

First, watch the full status which you want to save in your gallery watch it till the end. When you will watch any status it will save in your gallery but you cannot see this. So first watch the full status.

Second step

After watching the full status then close the WhatsApp and go into your mobile file manager. If the file manager option is not available in your mobile you can download es-file explorer from play store but almost file manager is available on every mobile.

Third step

Now find the option in your file manager show hidden files and enable this when you will enable this option then you can see the hidden files in your file manager. You can find this option by clicking on 3 dot which is available in the corner.

Fourth step

Now go in your WhatsaApp files > Media > . Statuses here you will see all the WhatsApp statuses which you have seen. But remember, You can only see this when you have enabled the option of show hidden files, So do not forget to enable this option.

Fifth step

This is the last step now select the status which you want to save and paste this in another location where you can find it easily. I will advise you paste it in DCIM folder because here you can find it easily. After saving it another location you can share this anyone.

Other ways to save WhatsApp status

If you don’t want to do this then go on play store and search the WhatsApp status saver application and install it. There are available many applications which can save WhatsApp status in your gallery so if like then you can use any third party application to do this.


I hope this article is helpful for you if you like it then share with your friend’s many people don’t know how to save the WhatsApp status so tell them about this it is a very helpful WhatsApp trick.


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