How to earn money online top 10 ways of online earning

How to earn money online. Now, most of the internet users search this on Google how they can earn money from the internet. That is why I am going to tell you How you can earn money online.

How to earn money online

If you are interested in this and want to earn money from the internet then read this post because in this article I will share the top 10 ways of online earning which are genuine and trusted.

Provide services

This is the best way of earning if you have any skill and want to earn money then you should provide your services. There you will not depend on any other for payment.

If you don’t have any skill and still you want to earn money then you can earn money as a middle man.

For example, if I want an article writer, You can take this work from me and give it another guy in less money. When he will complete my work, I will pay you for this then you can give him some money and the rest of the money is yours.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a videos platform where people upload videos and earn money. You can also earn money from the YouTube channel. For this, you have to create a channel on youtube and start uploading videos according to your interest. When your channel will become popular, You can also earn money from sponsorships.

You will not earn money only from sponsorships. When you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time then YouTube will enable your monetization. After monetizing your channel you can show AdSense ads on your channel and start your online earning.

Earn from Affiliate marketing

Most of the digital marketers prefer to earn money from affiliate marketing it is one of the best sources of online earning. Here you sign up for as affiliates after that you promote their products. When anyone buys a product from your affiliate links then affiliate provider gives you a commission.

But you must have an audience you can promote affiliate products on your Blog and YouTube channel. People earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

How to earn money online

Earn online from link shortener sites

Now people also earn from link shortener sites it is the new way of online earning. Here you do short any link and shares this. Your earning depends on how much clicks you get.

If you want to earn money from this then you should join some WhatsApp groups and share your shortened link. You can easily earn 5 to 7 $ per thousands click.

Earn money from Blog/ Website

Blogging is one type of website where you write articles and share information with the online audience. It is also like a YouTube but here you write only text-based articles. You can also get the AdSense approval on your blog. If you love to write then you should choose to blog. Write articles according to your passion and start earning.

Write e-books to earn online

Now e-books are very popular because you can read ebooks at any time in your mobile or tablet. If you are interested in this, Write an ebook you can sell this at amazon kindle and Instamojo. This is the best platform to sell your ebooks and also the best source of online earning.

Earn money from Uc News

If you use UC news or browser, You must have seen the news and articles there are people share content and earn money from this for more info you can search this on the internet. It gives your payment on the bank account so if you are interested in this then you can join this.

Earn online from Social media

You can also earn money from social media. If you don’t know how you can earn money form social media, Don’t worry! I am going to give you a brief introduction. People want to promote their products you can approach them to promote their products.

You can promote YouTube videos, blogs, and applications you can also promote your products. But the condition is only this you must have Groups or page where you must have a large audience. Now you can earn money from facebook pages to upload videos.

Make money from freelancing

Freelancing is also one of the best ways of online earning. If you have any skill and want to earn money then freelancing is best for you. You can join any freelancing sites where you can start online earning.

Learn from this How you can earn money from freelancing – What is freelancing how to earn money from this

There are available many types of work for example Data entry, Photo editing, Content writing, SEO services etc. Here I have written some trusted freelancing sites you can join it.

Application development

If you know about application development then create apps and publish it on play store you can earn money from AdMob it shows ads on your application.

If you don’t know how to create an app then search this on YouTube you can easily learn app development. Now you can also create an app without coding.


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