How to earn money from Google

Earn Money with Google

Now people want to earn money online there are various options to earn money online you can earn money from affiliate marketing freelancing and other many ways.

But today I will tell you how you can earn money from Google yes it is a right and genuine way to earn money from Google many people the money a lot of money from Google.

There are I am sharing with you some ways which you can do it and start your earning.

How to earn money from Google


Blogging is the best way to earn money from Google If you don’t know what is the blog and how you can earn from it so let me introduce you to blogging.

What is a Blog

Blogging is a kind of website where you write articles on any topic and give information to readers.

How you earn money from this

When you create a blog then you can sign up for Google AdSense which is a Google ad network when Adsense approve your blog then you can place ads on your blog now your earning depends on your site how much you have traffic or visitors.

When any visitors click on these ads then you earn money from Google after that when you complete AdSense threshold which is minimum only 100$ then you will receive your payment in your bank account many bloggers earn a lot of money from blogging.

YouTube channel

If you don’t want to create a website you don’t like to write articles then I will guide you create a YouTube channel make videos and upload this on YouTube.

AdSense ads also come on YouTube videos and payment processor is same which I have told in Blogging.

YouTube and AdSense both the product of Google and both the free of cost so you can easily trust on this and start your earning from Google.

Earn from Play store

You have seen a lot of apps in Play store if you want to earn money from it then create a unique app if you don’t know how to create an android app then search on YouTube how to click application after creating an app upload on play store.

How you earn from this

There is also the same way which I have told you but there you need AdMob account to show the ads on your apps which is also Google product and you need a play store console I.D to upload apps on play store which is a paid method.

Google Pay App

This is the Google’s app which is used for the online transaction but it is the not right way to earn money there you cannot earn a lot of money.

Earn scratch cards

But if you sign up for this app and make a transaction then you will get a scratch card and every scratch contains 0 to 1000 rupees you earn scratch card only when you make a minimum transaction of 150 rupees money and you will get the scratch card only three times in a week.

Share and earn

Apart from this, you can share this app with your friends and when they sign up and make his first transaction you will also get 50 to 100 rupees.

But I will advise you do creative follow your passion it is not the right way to earn money do blogging or be YouTuber these ways are genuine and you can also earn a lot of money from this.


I hope you like this article and it will helpful for you and these are the not only way to earn money online instead of this you can do affiliate marketing, freelancing and you can also sale your service so follow your passion I do not recommend you to this or that do only thing which you like.

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