What is Blog and How to earn money from Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online but many people don’t know what is blogging and how we can earn from Blog?

So in this article, I will tell you What is blogging and How you can earn money from this if you want to know about this then read this article. It will help you.

How to earn money from blogging
How to earn money from blogging

What is Blogging

Blogging is a kind of website where you write articles and share information with the online audience like you are reading my article it is also a my a blog.

Now I think you understood what is Blogging if you’ve any knowledge and any skill then you can start your blog and earn a lot of money. Yes, this is a trusted and genuine way of online earning.

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How to create Blog

If you don’t know how to create a blog then you should search this in Google or YouTube but in the short, I am telling you there are many platforms to create a blog but only two platforms are very popular for blogger which is written in below.


If you don’t have money to spend on this then I would suggest you create a blog on blogger.com it is a Google product which is free but in free, your blog has always contained .blogspot.com like your blog name is example then its URL is always example.blogspot.com.

If you want to professional name of your website or blog then you need to buy a domain name like my domain name is howtechno.com if you don’t want to spend money on this then go with blogspot.com.


WordPress is the first choice the bloggers because here are available many types of plugins and security features. But in WordPress you can’t create free blog.

For creating a blog in WordPress you have to spent some money on this because here you need Hosting and Domain both is paid so if you can spend some money on this then according to my experience WordPress is best if you want free then blogger is best.

How to earn money from Blog

In the blogging you have many options to earn money from this. Some of the popular ways I have written in below you can read it and start earn money from your blog.

How to earn money from Google

Google AdSense

When your blog is ready and visitors are coming on your blog then apply for Google AdSense it is a Google’s Ad network when AdSense Aproove your blog then you can show ads on your website and earn a lot of money from this but you must have traffic on your website.

Affiliate marketing

You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog review some products and give the affiliate link in your blog post when someone buys any product from your affiliate link then you will get the commission from this.

Paid Promotion and Advertising

When your blog becomes famous then advertisers and many other people come for you to advertise their products in your blog. So it is the also Good way to generate money from a blog.

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Provide your paid service

Yeah, you can provide your paid services to your online audience for example your blog is education related then you can sell your paid books and courses and other types of notes.

It is not a bad idea many bloggers are doing this they provide their services like SEO, Digital marketing and other types of paid course and they sell their paid courses and earn money from this.


These are best way to earn money from a blog but it is not so easy when you create any blog then don’t have any audience. To build good audience for your blog you have to work hard for this and it will also take a lot of time.

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