How to create youtube videos

How to create YouTube videos now YouTube becomes very popular everyone wants to create YouTube channel and earn money from this but if you don’t have an idea how to create YouTube videos then don’t worry in this article I will tell you to step by step how you can create YouTube videos for your channel.

How to create youtube videos
How to create YouTube videos

First of all create your YouTube channel after that think the topic for your YouTube channel which type of videos you upload it on your channel.

If you are ready then I going to tell 4 ways to create YouTube videos which are best for you.

Create Face Cam Video

If you want to show your face then it is the best way to creating channel videos. Because it easy to edit and you don’t have to put sepretly voice over so it is one of the easy and best ways.

If you don’t have a camera then record your videos with the mobile phone I have seen a lot of YouTubers who create their videos from the mobile camera.

When you create face cam videos its build a good relationship with your audience and when your channel becomes popular then people also starts to recognise you.

Screen recorder videos

Many people don’t want to see their face in videos if your channel is related to computer mobile phone tutorials then you can create easily screen recorder videos.

Download any screen recorder for your PC and Mobile now start your tutorial. In this, you also doesn’t need to edit more.


Now it is very popular on YouTube, I saw that many YouTubers create funny animation videos and quiz games but it is a little complicated.

For this, you must have to knowledge of creating animation if you can create animation it is a good idea way for you because people like animation videos.

But after creating animation you also have to work hard for editing so it is complicated but very popular because no one can do it easily.

White animation board

I think you had seen a lot of videos on whiteboard animation it is best for educational channel and also best for any story and biographical channel.

In these type of videos, you can create anything on the whiteboard like a presentation it also looks very attractive viewers like these type of video.

For this type of videos I will suggest you video scribe it is very good software but after creating a video you have to give voice over for your videos. Here is also editing is the must.


In the end, I will tell you if you can shoot face cam videos it is best and easy also, otherwise all ways are good. Choose the way which you like and do hard work if you want to succeed in YouTube. These are the best way to create a YouTube channel now I am sure you know that how to create videos for YouTube channel now start making videos for your YouTube channel.

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