How to create Facebook page to grow your business

Do you want to create a facebook page and you don’t know How to create a Facebook page? Facebook has billions of users because this is one of the popular and older social media sites. People use this to chat make friends etc. You can also use Facebook for your business branding.

Yes, you can use Facebook to promote your business. You can run ads on Facebook. I know that you have to know how to create a Facebook page because it helps to grow your branding and business.

Facebook page does not only help in branding there are many other advantages of the Facebook page. Now you can also earn money from Facebook page for more info visit on this How to earn money from Facebook.

How to create a Facebook page

Now I am going to tell you how you can create a Facebook page step by step now follow all these steps.

1st step

First of all, go to Facebook and log in with your account. Now go on create you can see this option in the front. If you did not find this option then Click on Facebook Page this link. This will redirect you where you can create the FB page.

2nd step

When you click on create a Facebook page then you will see options which type of Facebook page you want. You can choose anyone according to your need if you are creating FB page for branding then choose Business or Brand and click on get started.

How to create fb page

3rd step

Now when you click on get started then you have to fill this form you can follow all these steps which I have written in below.

create facebook page

  1. Write your brand name
  2. Choose a category which is related to your brand.
  3. Now fill your address.
  4. After filling the address click on next.
  5. When you click on the next then it will have asked you to upload profile picture now you can upload a profile picture. If you don’t have a profile picture yet then you can skip this.
  6. After that same follow the same process for the cover picture.

4th step

Now your page has been created successfully do the basic settings for this you have to go on page setting. You can see this option in the upper bar on Facebook.

Click on settings > page info

Add a brief description of your FB page.

For more settings follow all this, Settings > General now do the basic settings according to your need.


I hope this article How to create a Facebook page is helpful for you. If you are a blogger, YouTuber and the owner of any other business then a Facebook page is the must for you. Because it helps you to grow your business. Now, most of the marketer use digital platforms to promote their business. So, create a Facebook page if you like this article then also share with others. 

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