How to grow youtube channel full guide for beginners

You have a YouTube channel and it is not growing? Sometimes we create high-quality videos on our channel and not get any result. So, Today How to grow youtube channel full guide for beginners.

I am telling you this after a lot of research, I analyzed many videos and after that, I am telling you all this. So I am going to tell you how you can grow fast YouTube channel. If you want to grow fast on YouTube, follow this step by step.

Choose a specific topic

I saw that many people create tech channels and upload any kind of videos which is not good for you. When you do this then you cannot get loyal subscriber it also possible no one subscribe your channel. So if you want to earn money from YouTube then choose only one topic don’t mix it.

How to Grow YouTube Channel

Create videos on trending topics

If you want to grow fast on YouTube then create videos on trending topics. It will help you a lot. Because it has more chances to go viral. And once your video went viral then you will get more views and subscribers. To find trending topic you can use Google Trend it will show you the results which things are in trending.

Create videos like a professional

You should never compromise with the quality of your videos. I often saw that beginners do not pay much attention to their videos quality. If you want to grow fast on YouTube then you should create videos like a professional. When you will do this then your viewers think that you are pro and they will trust you and also subscribe to your channel.

Create a catchy thumbnail.

Many people click on videos by only watching thumbnail so create a thumbnail which attracts people. It will increase your views. If you are not using a good thumbnail and your video is good then it may possible people don’t watch your videos.

Use copyright free material

Beginners don’t have much knowledge so one thing always keeps in mind never use copyright material. If you ignored this then your channel will die before it grows. So always use copyright free images and music you can take free images from pexel and pixbay.

Use social media

When you create a YouTube channel then you struggle for some views. You can use social media for views join groups on Facebook which is related to your YouTube channel. There are a lot of groups available on FB you can join and share your videos link in the group. When you promote your videos it will grow fast your YouTube channel.

Do not mislead people

Many creators create fake videos to grow their YouTube channel. They create videos on other topic and put the thumbnail of other topics which attracts people but it is not good for your channel. When you do this people once come on your channel they do not come 2nd time on your channel so never ever cheat with your audience.

Upload videos regular

Some YouTubers do not upload videos regularly and in the result, they lose their subscribers. If you can upload daily videos then do this. Otherwise, try to give 3-4 videos in a weak. Because your subscribers wait for your videos and when you daily upload a video then YouTube also think this channel is genuine and it starts to promote your videos and shows in the recommendation.

Create a playlist on your channel

If you have not created the playlist for you channel then create it now. Playlist helps the people to find videos which he wants. It is easy for your viewers and it also increases your views. To categorize your videos you have to create the playlist on your channel it will grow your channel.

Create videos in the series

If you upload tutorials videos on your channel then try to upload it in a series and create a different playlist for this when you will upload videos in the series then you do not lose your subscribers. And your subscriber will weight for your videos.

How to Grow YouTube Channel

Do not create long videos

If you are a beginner then you shouldn’t upload long videos on your channel. Because no one watches your videos in the begging. So create videos only 5-7 minutes it will maintain the bounce rate of videos and help you to grow fast your channel.

Use tags and description

Yes, when you use keywords in your description and tag it will help you to rank your videos so use proper keywords in your tags and description and do not put tags in the description.

Give a brief introduction

Give a brief introduction about your videos in the description it also helps you in ranking so never forget to give a brief introduction in your videos. When anyone searches any keyword then it shows this which type of video you uploaded.

Replies to comment

If possible then try to give all reply to comments because it builds a relationship with your audience. So try to give their all answers of questions it will help you to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Collab with others

If you are a new YouTuber then it may not possible for you to collab with others YouTuber. But if it is possible for you then you should collab with other YouTubers it will grow fast your channel.

Do basic settings

New beginners don’t know about settings so do all the basic setting in your channel select category of your channel, give the description of your channel in about section, verify your channel and put the keyword of your channel.

Never give up

Many people leave YouTube because they don’t get views and subscriber. We all know YouTube is very popular and there is already many big YouTubers. So you should never give up keep patience one day your channel defiantly grow.

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