10 Amazing Google tricks and features

We all use Google, it is the largest search engine and most of the people use only Google because Google provides the best service. Today in this article, I am going to tell you some interesting Google Tricks.

My activity

Actually, this is not a Google trick it is one of the best features of Google but only a few people know about this. It is also very useful for you because it shows you what you have done in your mobile. If you want to see your activities on your mobile then go to Google and just type my activity and press the search button.

After that click on myactivity.Google.com makes sure for this you should be logged in with your Gmail account in your browser. Here you can see all the things which application you have used and many more things.

Google map timeline

It is also one of the great features of Google. If you want to see the places where you have visited then search the Google map timeline in your browser and open the Google result. It will show you where you have visited you can select any date and it will all show you.

Do a barrel roll

It is Google trick which many less people know about this. For this go in your browser and go on Google.com if you are doing this in your mobile then enable your desktop mode. Now type, do a barrel roll on Google.com and click on I’m feeling lucky. When you click on this you will see Google page is rolling out.

Google Tricks

Google mirror

Here is also the same process now type Google mirror in Google.com and click on I’m feeling lucky after that you can see the Google has changed into a mirror. It will show you all the things opposite as you see in the mirror.

Underwater google trick

If you want to see the Google in the water then type Google Underwater and click on I’m feeling lucky. Now you will be see everything in the water you can search anything here and when you do this then everything drowns in water and fishes will die in Google. It is really a funny Google trick you can do this on your browser.

Google Tricks

Google Guitar

If you love to play guitar then you can do this in Google to do this go in Google.com and type Google guitar and click on I’m feeling lucky. Now you can see a guitar on your web browser now play this and enjoy it.

Google gravity trick

When you do this it will destroy everything in Google all things are fall in down. If you want to do this then no change here is also same process type only Google Gravity and click on I’m feeling lucky. After that, you can see the result of Google gravity.

Atari Breakout game

If you want to play the game in Google then type atari breakout in Google and click on I’m feeling lucky after clicking on this the game will start you can play this game. I am sure you have played this game in your childhood this is a very interesting Google Trick.

Zerg rush

It is another Google trick when you type zerg rush and clicks on I’m feeling lucky then some zurgs will eat your search result. If you want to save your results then you have to kill all those zergs.

Google Pacman

It is also a game if you want to play this then type Google Pacman and click on I’m feeling lucky after that your game will start now you can play this game.

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