How to earn more money from YouTube channel

How to earn more money from YouTube channel, Nowadays YouTube is very popular most of the people like watching YouTube videos. If they want to learn something new then they search on YouTube, If they want to watch any videos then they also go on YouTube.

So I want to say you only this now YouTube is a 2nd largest search engine and the first is Google. Think that if you are a creator on YouTube and you have a good subscriber on your channel then how much you can earn money from YouTube.

How to earn money from youtube channel

Today I will tell you how you can earn money from a YouTube channel. People are earning a lot of money from YouTube channel. If you don’t have an idea how you can earn money from YouTube channel. So, read this article it will be helpful for you.

Earn money from AdSense

According to Youtube new policy when you complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time on your channel then YouTube monetized your channel. After monetizing AdSense serve ads on your channel and you earn money from this. It is the main source of YouTube earning it totally depends on your views when you get more views then definitely you will earn more from YouTube. So if you want to earn more from Adsense then follow all this basics tips which I have written in below.

Always choose a good Niche

When you create a YouTube channel, always keep in mind that choose a topic for your channel that is useful for people. If your videos are not useful for people then they do not watch your videos so choose a topic which has people interested.

Create videos like a pro

When you start a YouTube channel then you should always upload videos like a professional. You shouldn’t compromise with your YouTube videos quality. When you do this then I’m sure your channel will grow fast and people also trust you just because of this. It will also help you to earn money from YouTube channel.

Create clickable thumbnail

Yes, most of the people click on videos when they watch a catchy thumbnail. So, create a thumbnail which is catchy and people clicks on your videos. When will you do this so we all know more views means more money from AdSense.

Create videos on trending things

If you want to gain more views on your channel then you should always create videos on trending topics which has more chances to be viral. Once your video went viral then you will gain more subscriber, views and also earn money if your channel is monetized.

Some other ways of earning on YouTube

On the YouTube channel, you will not earn money only from AdSense. There are many sources of earning I’m going to share with you some other ways of earning so if you want to earn extra money from YouTube channel then read the following tips.

Affiliate marketing

Now every YouTuber do affiliate marketing from their YouTube channel. They give their affiliate link in the description like which camera and mic they use. And when anyone buys this product by their affiliate link then they earn money from this.

Sell your paid courses

You can also launch your paid courses for example if you have a good subscriber on your YouTube channel then you can launch your paid course on YouTube in this course you can teach how to grow YouTube channel. If you know blogging then you also can launch your blogging course it is also a good way of earning.

Paid promotions

If you have a large amount of subscriber then you then you can do paid promotion on your YouTube channel. Now, most of the advertisers prefer YouTube for advertising. For this, you should always give your mail I.D in the description and also can write contact for business regarding. It is easy for the advertiser to contact you.

Sell your e-books

Now e-books are becoming very popular it is as similar as launching paid courses. For this, you can use Instamozo and amazon kindle it is a good source of earning write any book and tell your audience they will buy your e-books.

Live streaming

I have seen this on some gaming channels when they come live on YouTube. People use super chat to highlight their name and message. When anyone uses super chat then you will also earn money from this most of the gaming channel earn money from this. If your channel is not for gaming then you can also do live stream on your channel you can do live Q&A on your channel.

Sell your services and products

Many YouTuber sell their products by YouTube channel. if you don’t have any product for sale then you can give your paid services. If your channel is blogging and website related then you should sell your paid services. You can provide your SEO services, website making service etc to earn more money from YouTube.


These are some sources which you can use to earn more money from your YouTube channel. But the condition is only that you must have subscribers on your YouTube channel if you have a large amount of subscriber then you will automatically earn more money from YouTube channel.

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