Blogging vs YouTube which one is best

If you are thinking for online earning and still confused in YouTube vs Blogging which one is the best, then this article is for you. This will remove all your confusions so that you can easily choose the right platform for yourself.

Blogging vs youtube which one is better
YouTube vs Blogging

YouTube Channel

Now, most of the users like to watch video content because they do not want to read anything because they learn better through video and now the internet is also available at cheaper prices, so everyone watches YouTube videos instead of reading any articles.

Advantages of YouTube

If you start a YouTube channel then there are some advantages for you whenever you get subscriber then you don’t need to worry about views because your subscriber always watches your videos.

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  • When you get a good count of the subscribers on your channel then you don’t need to do any SEO on your videos.
  • Most of the people like to watch videos.
  • YouTube is fully free for creators there is no need of domain and hosting its totally free platform.
  • YouTubers are more famous than any blogger.

Disadvantage of YouTube Channel

If you start a YouTube channel then here is also some disadvantages of blogging which is I have written in below

  • It is very hard to get 4000 hours watch time and 1k subscriber for monetize your channel.
  • The copyright issue is a big problem when you got 3 copyright strike then your channel will be suspended.
  • There is also very hard competetion.


Blogging is also a very popular platform for online earning here we write articles and for getting traffic we do SEO and rank the article then we get traffic for our blog.

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Advantages of blogging

  • You can show more ads on your blog to get high earning.
  • There is no need of 1k subscriber and 4000 hours watch time.
  • You can monetize your blog anytime whenever you get high traffic on your blog.
  • Less chances of copyright issue.

Disadvantages of blogging

  • You have to pay for domain and hosting.
  • Always need to do work to rank your site like SEO article writing etc.
  • When Google update their rank algorithm then it destroys your all traffic.
  • Now people are don’t interested to read anything they watch videos.

Blogging vs YouTube earning

There is not so much difference in the earning because blogger and YouTubers both use AdSense to earn money from this but there are some differences in the earning which I have written in below.

  • YouTubers get more sponsorship.
  • Bloggers also earn from giving backlink and paid guest post.
  • YouTubers also earn money from super chat.
  • Bloggers can do paid advertise on their blog.

So these are the some difference in earning but bloggers can earn more money from AdSense because ads are always show on blog and the sometimes ads are not come on the YouTube videos so now you can guess which one is best from Blogging vs YouTube.

My Opinion

My opinion is both are the best and I would suggest you do both because know every blogger start their YouTube channel and YouTubers also creates their website so both is best. You can also choose anyone.

Which one is your favorite tell me in the comment and also tell the reason why you choose it.

Updated: February 4, 2019 — 6:48 pm


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